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prints made in collaboration with -Gorilla Glass

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The Chaøs Chrønicles website link (www.thechaoschronicles.org)
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… We keep moving forward with the project and started do the editing of the first part, US Cøast to Cøast, into a 52 minutes feature.
We also filmed the 3rd part – Søuth East Eurøpe during October /november 13.
… and prepare few surprises as well as the Part IV !

So far , the project as been funded through sponsorship and contributions . It can be anyone . So far we had contributions from 25$ up to 4000$ !

if you feel like giving some financial support to the project and become one of our sponsors, please contact lukaszpira@blowyourmind-production.com and/or use our paypal account bellow.

All contributors will be credited in the final editing and will receive rewards in return. So please dont forget to give us your email, full name, adress (including country) and postal code.

thanks. Mayliss & Lukas Zpira

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We already would like to thank our (Ulule) contributors :

Mario Barth
Olivier Laize
-Jean Marc & Annick
Max Andrieu
-Gorilla Glass
-Sang Bleu
Ce Monsieur
-Mikele – May.inc
-Fleur De Bagne
Beto Rea
Marie Andree Baril
-Pierre Gille Romieu
-Shawn Sturdy
-Chris Andweck
-Steve K.
Sammy Ramirez
-Francois Igli
-Michael Prior
Anna Bogen
Sophie Chamoux
Shannon Larrat (R.I.P)
Manrique Vargas
-Pierre Jaquet
-Cristobal De La Vega
-Soraya Linsada
-Silent Studio
-Alexendre Boutin
Chris Denizot
alix Hauer
Miguel Romero
Miguel Valentin
Borneo Joe
Nab Nox
-Jean Nicolas Py
-Loic Waro
-Aude Chantegrail
-Sonia Simon
Dorian Serpa
-Fabrice Plaquette
Philippe Liotard
-Laure Alziary
-Bonnie & clit
-Soizic Lambin
Yann Minh
-Xeniya Balsara
-Forent Cuaz
-Jonathan Ceux
-Sebastien Desse
Sophie Chamoux
-Victoire Micolet
-Murielle Babaut
-Nicolas Passian
-Philippe Louvet

Couchsurfing” friends : Brian Wood (San Diego) / Cris Valencia (Tucson) / Mars Psyence & Fireweed Universe-City Family (Detroit) !

and all the people, known and unknown who make this project possible …